Objective; To ensure that the emergency measures recommended in the UNEP Report is implemented by HYPREP and follow up closely on the progress of the Ogoni Clean-up project.

Achievement; HYPREP has intensified awareness creation as a result of CSOs push and community mobilization. • There is increase in newspaper reports on the Ogoni Clean-up • Continuous promise by the FG that the clean-up project must be completed and assurance of the commitment to the project. • Some contractors have been deployed to the clean-up site under HYPREP

Lessons Learnt; There should be collaboration between community, stakeholders and FG • Some communities are beginning to get involved in the project • There can be local monitoring of the project.

Way Forward; Intensify effort to ensuring the clean-up happens no matter the circumstances • Communities should be peaceful and resolute to receive contractors to avoid delay of work. • Money due for the project should be released on time. • Government should take a proactive step to implement the emergency measures in the UNEP report.

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