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Kebetkache has carried out a series of activities under several projects with different sponsors ranging from capacity building trainings, women mobilizing, etc. We also provide private legal services for gender-based violence victims.


June 2020 - Kebetkache joins all environmental rights advocates around the world to mart Wolr Environment Day 2020. Without a healthy environment we cannot have food security, sustainable livelihood, clean water, and peace in our communities. Our farming and fishing is destroyed by oil activities, we experience flood every year, and we are yet to recover from the impact of the 2019 flood. Our rivers our polluted, gas flaring pollutes our air, corrodes our roof and we experience acidic rain.
We use this opportunity of marking the World Environment Day 2020 to call on the governement and oil companies to take immediate actions to clean up our environment.
> Protect our biodiversity
> Stop gas flaring
> Stop polluting our water
> We need clean water
> Stop polluting the mangrove

We call on women, traditional rulers, human rights activitists, etc to join us to protect our biodiversity.


May 2020 - "With over three million confirmed cases and above 200,000 deaths across the globe, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading rapidly, causing incalculable human suffering, social and economic losses. Countries of the world are rolling out measures each passing day to both control the spread of the virus and mitigate the impact on affected populations. In Nigeria’s oil resource extraction zones, pre-existing problems of environmental pollution and degradation are not only undermining people’s resilience and ability to comply with health protocols, but are also triggering unintended adverse consequences especially for women living in and within the areas of oil mineral extraction.

In this policy brief, SPACES FOR CHANGE and KEBETKACHE WOMEN weigh the costs, gains and pains of the COVID-19 lockdown measures in Nigeria’s oil extraction zones in order to inform the review of strategies and response actions aimed at reducing the potential spread and impact of coronavirus infection."

→>> Click here to read the complete brief.


February 2020 - On the 20th of February, 2020 as build Up towards the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64/Beijing +25) 2020, Women of the Niger Delta region with support from Tides Foundation, Analyzed the Gains, Achievements, Challenges and Prospects of the Beijing Platform for action towards the region.
12 Critical Areas of Concern raised were;
1. The burden of Poverty on Women
2. Inequalities and inadequacies (Unequal access to education and training)
3. Violence against women
4. Effects of armed conflicts on women
5. Inequality in economic structures and policies and in resources.
6. Inequality in the sharing power and Decision making at all levels
7. Insufficient mechanisms at all levels to promote the advancement of women
8. Lack of Respect / Inadequate promotion and protection of Human Rights of Women
9. Stereotyping of women and Lack of access to Lands by women
10. Gender inequalities in the management of natural resources and safeguarding of the environment
11. Discrimination against the Child
12. Inequality and unequal access to health care services


COMMUNIQUE ISSUED AT THE END OF THE TOWN HALL MEETING ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP DISCLOURE IN NIGERA 28TH MAY 2019 AT ROSEMOHR HOTEL, UYO, AKWA IBOM -Preamble Kebetkache Women Development & Resource Centre in collaboration with Ford Foundation held a town hall meeting on Beneficial Ownership Disclosure at Rosemohr Hotel, Uyo, May 28, 2019. Participants were drawn from oil producing communities in Akwa Ibom State as well as media ,civil society organizations, government officials, and women groups. The aim of the town meeting was to build a critical mass movement of women campaigning for an inclusive and equitable benefit sharing of oil revenue emerged in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. The town hall meeting was targeted at strengthening the voices of women, their issues and actions tied to accountability as regards oil revenue. From the deliberations, participants observed as follows; 1. Oil and gas data information are not accessible by community members, particularly women. 2. Oil and gas budget and expenditure are not available in the public domain. 3. There is no direct women involvement in micro and macro level of oil governance issues. 4. Information on Oil and gas tax performance, royalty, concessional fees, gas flaring penalties are not made available to the public. 5. There is no transparency in the processes of contracts awards in the oil and gas sector. 6. Communities, particularly women have no information about Oil and gas revenue disbursement across sectors. 7. Tax records for companies are not made available to the public. 8. Community members, particularly women do not participate in the processes for Appropriation bills and budget formulation.

2017-2019 - Kebetkache with the continuous support of FORD FOUNDATION has trained over 200 participants (men, women, and youths) on Beneficial Ownership in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States. A Fund Research Project on the 13% Derivation was conducted by Kebetkache and a team of external researchers in two local governement areas in Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Delta and Rivers States respectively.→>> This link contains the Research Report of the Implementation of 13% derivation in the Niger Delta..

December 2019 - The Executive Director of Kebetkache Women Development Centre, Emem Okon, in collaboration with Ford Foundation held a round table meeting on beneficial ownership in Watbridge Hotels & Suites, Uyo. Okon said the meeting on beneficial ownership became necessary, since Akwa Ibom State was one of the states directly affected in the oil rich Niger Delta Region and said through such meeting, their voices can be heard by relevant government authorities on equitable sharing of the proceeds from their God-given resources. She maintained that marginalization of the Niger Delta people will not end, until people speak up and have a say in the development of the region, adding that it is their right to know how the resources of the region were being used and also how they can benefit from them.
Also speaking in the meeting, Mr. Godson Jim-Dorgu, a development worker and civil society practitioner from Bayelsa State, liken the role of concerned citizens to that of a watch dog with binacles on its eyes, syaing that by the year 2020, Nigeria will come out with a publicly available register of the beneficial owners of the corporate entities that apply for, or hold a participating interest in the oil and gas industry, as contained in a document issued by Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI).
He said the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) has the responsibility to lead an engagement on beneficial ownership and also to release a register of beneficial ownership companies operating in the country and enumerated benefits associated with beneficial ownership to include improved investment climate, increase in government revenue, preventing of corruption and illicit financial flow, increase in trust and accountability among others.
The round table meeting on beneficial ownership, drew participants from different oil bearing communities in the state , of which a seven point communique were issued on the resolutions reached at the end of the meeting.


May 2019 - Kebetkache trained 20 persons in Rivers State, Nigeria to become story collectors in Ogoniland. The research will be on women capacity needs assessment and will be done in four local governement areas (LGAs) in the state which are Tai, Khana, Gokana, Eleme LGAs. the training was held on the 13th and 14th of May, 2019 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State with support from CORDAID.
The story collectors were trained on methods of data collection, things to do before, during and after story collections. Kebetkache also explained to the trainees that they are selected from the community so that they have a platform to talk about their issues as it affects them and can engage well with their community women on data collection because they share a common interest. This will enable them own the process of needs assessment rather than an outsider coming in to assess what they may really not matter to the women.
The purpose of this exercise is to restore livelihoods by identifying the needs of the Ogoni women which will be documented and presented to HYPREP to enable them know what skills or development the women need as they plan their proposed training of 1200 women in Ogoni.

2017-2018 - Kebetkache with the continuous support of CORDAID has been actively engaging with Ogoni women to mobilize and sensitize them on the proposed Ogoni clean-up project by the federal government and the UNEP REPORT recommended emergency measures. We have also engaged with HYPREP, the body responsible for overseeing the clean-up project of which our Executive Director, Emem Okon is an alternate member, to communicate the needs of the Ogoni women and campaign for the involvement of women in the clean-up as well as stay updated on the progress of the clean-up.
Kebetkache is constantly communicating with and paying visits to the Women of Ogoniland to assess the level to which the emergency measures recommended in the UNEP report has been implemented by HYPREP.


March 2019 - In March 2019, Kebetkache began a series of meeting with different stakeholders in the state to discuss ways we can address and prevent the issue of mass atrocities in Rivers State. This project is sponsored by OSIWA.
The first meeting was held on the 5th of March, 2019 with security agencies(Nigerian Police Force, State Security Service, Civil Defence, Army), clergy, publive officers, judiciary. The second meeting took place on the 14th of March with women from communities in Rivers State. The women discussed that some mothers encourgae their kids into violence to have some social strata in the community. On a follow up, Kebetkache also met with other Civil Society Organizations to discuss how we can work together to on responding and preventing mass atrocities in Rivers State.



2016-2018 - With support from OXFAM, Kebetkache has carried out series of capacity building trainings to mobilize and sensitize citizens especially community members on the importance of community needs assessment and participatory budgeting. These trainings were done in Asaba(Delta State), Enugu(Enugu State), Port Harcourt(Rivers State) and Calabar(Cross River State) and a total of over 800 community members including government representatives from the Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry of Budgets have been trained.
The aim of the Financing for Development (F4D) project is mobilize and sensitize a critical mass of citizens who are aware and empowered to demand fair taxation practices as well as participatory and gender responsive budgeting.

2019 - This project has now entered the phase two of implemetation which is Strategic Planning and this first activity has just been completed in Asaba (Delta State) and Uyo (Akwa Ibom State).


2011 - Women in Democracy Dialogue is a project aimed at promoting the inclusion of women in governance. It is sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Kebetkache implemented this projected in Rivers State and series of roundtable discussions was held with stakeholders beginning from the community level on the importance of women inclusion in governance and decision making.
Voices of women especially community women was aired on radio stations giving them a platform to discuss their issues and the impact of community practices on women.

2017 - The project continued with more radio discussions and advocacy visits to stakeholders in all levels of government. kebetkache used the medium to campaign for non-violence in the then upcoming 2019 elections. The campaign for peaceful elections went on until the day of the elections.


September 2018 - 2019 - The Gender and Accountability project is aimed at raising strengthened female voices demanding for transperency and accountability. This project is sponsored by WRAPA with support from MacArthur Foundation.
Kebetkache has campaigned for accountability using several mediums ranging from townhall meetings, social media campaigns, radio discussions by women themselves, blog publications and media houses publications.

May 2019 - July 2019 - A series of townhall meetings on Open Government partnerships (OGP) were held in Uyo, Eket, Abak, Ikot Ekpene, Yenagoa, and Port Harcourt between the months of May and July 2019. OGP is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from national and sub-national governments to promote open government, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. OGP members are ambitious in bringing women and other underrepresented groups, ensuring that reforms are inclusive of all people's needs.
Kebetkache is brnging this campaign to the notice of the women to build their confidence and self esteem and promote a stronger voice of women demanding gender participation and open governance.


2013 - This activity is aimed at building women-led African Regional Eco-feminist movement for environmental, climate and gender justice with support from WOMIN. Kebetkache and her beneficiaries have taken part in different conferences of women gathered together to discuss the effects of extractive industries on their health and livelihood.

2018 - Kebetkache held an Energy Assembly with women of the Niger Delta where the negative impacts of oil extractive industries was discussed. The women brought samples of pollution from their communities ranging from polluted water, polluted soil, polluted fishnets, etc and alternative sources of energy was discussed and demonstrated with plastic bottles.

2019 - On the 6th and 7th of May 2019 Kebetkache carried out the Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) for community women in Otuagbagi, Bayelsa State.


Women Have Wings of Courage 2019
Awarded by Tides Foundation, USA.

The SISTERSHIP Award 2012
Awarded by Women's International Centre, USA.

Fumilayo Kuti Award For Women Emancipation
Awarded by Civil Liberties Organization, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Global Human Rights Award
Awarded by The Fund for Global Human Rights.

Award of Honour
Awarded by National Association of Akwa Ibom State Students, Rivers State University Chapter, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Honorary Citizenship Award
Awarded by the Mayor of San Diego, United States Of America in recognition of international human rights activism.

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Mass massacre in new road area off Ada George in Port harcourt. Hoodlums who were up to 30 in number stormed the area and used machetes on innocent victims and destroyed vehicles. Quite a number of people wre injured.

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