Objective; To bring together involved stakeholders and work towards responding to and preventing mass atrocities in the Niger Delta.

Achievement; Sensitized stakeholders and met with National Orientation Agency (NOA) on the issue of reducing mass atrocities in Rivers State. • Drug law agency, ministry of social welfare, clergy, media, state security service, civil defense, CSOs all met and promised to work together to tackle the issue of mass atrocities in Rivers State. • Community women doing step down and sensitizing their community members on mass atrocities and finding ways to reduce and prevent the atrocities.

Lessons learnt; Life is important and shedding of blood is against the constitution of the FG of Nigeria and against humanity.

Way Forward; In as much as security agents to be alert, masses should be careful and alert and avoid dangerous situations. • Investigate death of people so as give accurate reports of the incidents.

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