Objective;The objective of this project is to mobilize a critical mass of citizens who are aware of needs assessment, demand fair taxation and participate in budgeting, implementation and monitoring.

Achievement; More than 800 women and community members have been trained and are now aware of needs assessment and budget monitoring and tax justice system. • Most of the unfair taxes in the market place has reduced as women now know their rights and can challenge the system. • There are plans to provide amenities in the markets. • Some communities are beginning to do their needs assessments and documenting it for when needed.

Lessons Learnt; Poor women should not overtaxed therefore reducing poverty. • Communities have begun prioritizing their needs. • Leads to resource knowledge that is, they know the value of the local resources they have.

Way Forward; Government budgets in the Niger Delta are not transparent and accessible. Local governments in the Niger Delta do not even have budgets and no existing budgeting procedures. This should be addressed. • Citizens should be sensitized on the importance of budgets starting from secondary schools.

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