Objective; To have a strengthened female voices demanding for accountability and transparency.

Achievement; Projected women voices on the issue of gendered corrupt practices mostly in their local communities. • Addressed non-accountability issues and sexual extortion of students in tertiary institutions. • Successfully campaigned on gender and accountability issues in the country on social media and reaching over thousands of women, youths and elderly. • Successfully created a platform, most especially for women to report issues and demand for accountability in their spaces.

Lessons learnt; Women are most affected by the activities of an incompetent government; their children cannot attend good schools or even learn in conducive conditions, insecurity in the society stops the community woman from going to her farm, etc. Therefore, women need to start demanding accountability and transparency from political leaders.

Way Forward; Due to security tension, many do not speak up on issues but we are encouraging and urging every citizen to speak up so we can tackle these issues together. • Key stakeholders should be accessible so we can join hands to address gender and accountability issues.

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